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We are your humble candle makers and we both love candles.


like, really really love them.

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jess IS the spirit & mindfulness behind grumpshine candles- everything from fragrance testing to art inspiration to website design. she enjoys pilates, recycling, healthful living & traveling and believes everyone deserves to know they are unique & important. she does not like calamari or braised lamb brains (which i ordered for us one time). It turns out they're not that great. however, jess is. and she loves talking about everything wax and wicks. find her & ask her what grumpshine does differently. -jon

Jon is a wisconsinite who enjoys board games, a good IPA, the Dallas Cowboys, rap music & chocolate custard. He is a truly kind, thoughtful & hilarious man. he believes in the importance of knowledge & education for all and can be found reading the economist or presidential biographies on any given day. his personality in the morning was the inspiration behind the name 'grumpshine'... He is extremely talented and does all of our artwork. He also makes the candles with love & care (and a patience I do not have). -Jess

Jon and Jess both live in Jacksonville, Florida and work for a non-profit called Wounded Warrior Project. It is an incredible organization that offers programs and services to injured post-9/11 Veterans. Learn more here:

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Chuck is our sweet & eccentric unofficial mascot. We think he is just the cutest. You can find him on our box labels & throughout our photography & social media. We take turns leaving him in hilarious places around the house with notes or accessories for the other to find. He never fails to bring a smile to our faces & we hope he brings one to yours.

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